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Juicer Pulp Recipe | Raw Mayonnaise
This is not a juice for drinking, but some of my friends enjoyed this recipe so much, and you can use any blender so I’m giving you this recipe here anyways. For this recipe you will need about half to one cup of soaked almonds or cashews. Soak the almonds or cashews over night, then rinse and drain. You will also need half to one cup of spring water depending on the consistency you want your mayonnaise. You will find your preference with a little experimenting. Then we will need half a lemon. Go ahead and juice this right now because we’ll mix in the juice with the other ingredients pre-blending. This recipe also calls for one small garlic close, zero to one tablespoon of honey (your preference), half a teaspoon of sea salt, apple cider vinegar to taste, and cold pressed olive oil to taste. Put all the ingredients except the olive oil in a heavy duty blender. Puree ingredients until very smooth. With the blender still on, slowly dribble olive oil through the opening in your blender cover. Continue to puree until you reach the consistency or your desire. This can store in the refrigerator for up to one week in a glass jar.

Juicer Pulp Recipe | Mock Tuna Salad
For some raw or vegans out there, here’s a recipe to build on the raw mayonnaise recipe above. It’s a mock tuna salad using juicer pulp. If you have a juicer that separates the pulp from the juice then your job will be a lot easier. Just add the raw mayonnaise to the juicer pulp. You will typically want carrot but any other vegetable pulp will do. Add other veggies to affect the taste. You’re also free to spice and dress it as your diet wills. This recipe makes for a great topping in leafy green salads.

While we’re on the subject of non-juice recipes for anyone interested, here is one incredible gluten free bread recipe. Also try 103 Juicer Recipes.

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Healthy Juicer Recipe

In this intro into using your power juicer we’re going to keep it simple by demonstrating with a healthy juicer recipe. One of the simplest ways to get familiar with your power juicer is to make grape juice. It’s a single ingredient recipe unless you choose to complicate it.

Just get a large bunch of grapes, your power juicer, and a glass together. First position the glass under the non-drip spout, then lower the spout into the glass. Turn the juicer on for a few seconds. We are playing with the Power Juicer Deluxe by Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer, you may be using a different brand or model but most juicers will work the same way and work better if you run the blades for a few seconds before stuffing the goodies for juicing. I like the Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicers because of the whisper quiet motor.

Most juicers are designed wide enough to fit a whole bunch of grapes with no problem. We’ll be putting the grapes into the juicer one bunch at a time. Most juicers come with wide enough openings to fit a bunch of grapes. You’ll find most fruits can fit whole, while some you’ll have to slice.

Now gently push the grapes down into the blades with the pusher that came with your juicer. You don’t need to use a lot of force. Using too much force or forcing the fruits too fast can jam the blade and over heat the motor of the power juicer. You mainly need to just gently wiggle the pusher side to side. Note that the push is just used to gently finish the juicing. Healthy juicer recipes helps to ensure that you are enjoying the best life can offer.

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Two Refreshing Juicer Recipes

Juicer Recipe | Apple Pineapple Ginger

This is a simple recipe that is an easy to make and refreshing on a warm day. For this juicer recipe, you’ll need 1 apple. Cored and sliced, skinless or with skin is your choice. I prefer skin since it contains a lot of nutrients but some people don’t like the toughness in their drink, that’s fine too. We will juice the apple slices with half an inch of fresh ginger together. Then we’re going to have 1 cup of fresh, cubed, and skinned pineapple and juice it right after the apple and ginger. There you have it, simple and delicious.

Juicer Recipe | Raspberry Blackberry Blueberry Fresh Juice Recipe

This juicer recipe is a bonanza of berry delight. The ingredients contained in this recipe make a great juice for your skin and boost your energy to the next level as well as enhance you immune system. It’s so powerful it’ll even create time. Actually that’s because of the time you will save over more complicated snacks. Just two cups of raspberries, one cup of blackberries, and a single cup of blueberries all processed through your juicer into your glass. Some would like to throw ice over the drink for greater refreshment. Enjoy immediately as good things don’t wait.

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